So, I also have an outside cat.


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…who is trying desperately to be an inside cat, I’m assuming she’s female, because well, all cats are female until proven male.

I thought my cat had a shrill voice and talked a lot, but this one is so high pitched I can hear her mewing from outside the townhouse complex.

She doesn’t miaow like my cat, she mews. It’s actually almost like she’s saying MEW in a little girl’s voice.

She’s a bit fatarse long haired grey cat, and she’s now happy to just waltz inside if I open the door (or she walks in the back sliding door), and my cat has retreated to the top floor in protest. I guess she’s smaller than the grey fatarse, so it’s understandable. They also fight through the glass of the window next to the front door. I’m not sure what either of them think they’re going to achieve but it entertains them.

I’ll take a photo of her next time she comes looking for food during the day, so you can see her in her glory. She’s quite a beautiful creature, but she’s got a bit of a temper for an outside cat. I tried to encourage her to go back outside by walking out with the food, and she hisses at me.

I pour some food in her outside-cat-dish, and she took a swipe at my leg. I guess I didn’t get whatever message she had… I do feel sorry for her though, but my cat comes first, and the house is her territory so I can’t let her inside and pet her too much.

The Dress pt 2


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Maggie Sottero 'Victoriana'

Maggie Sottero 'Victoriana'

So, The Previous Dress was just far too freaking expensive, and this one is more realistic (for a ‘I wanna be a Princess’ kind of budget, anyway) option — I still feel like it’s too expensive, but now that I’ve seen what Ian Stuart dresses go for, this is suddenly much more affordable sounding!

Bridesmaids, option 1

Bridesmaids option 1, Henry Roth 70330

So that’s kind of what I want the bridesmaids to be wearing, except in a greenish colour (similiar to the colour of green orchids), with my sister as Matron of Honour in a dark fuschia kind of colour, or a dusky pink… maybe. Or just a different design and a darker green, with the flower girls in the pinkish colour.

Who knew I had so much girlie inside me?

We set a date


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So, we finally have a date, in sept next year.

And a venue – a bay cruise, so now I need help with flowers.

I don’t really like blue as a colour, except the deep greeny blue ocean colours, but I’m stumped as to flowers that would fit a boat/sea theme… Or maybe do I cheat and do red & white like the life saver things on old fashioned cruises?

I’m not really a pastel kinda gal anyway, but I was leaning towards calla lilies before…

Prepare for inane girlie wedding posts more often.

Another one, just like the other one


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So, forgive me for worrying you, for not posting much after the accident, but it all just sucked so hard.

However, we now have a ‘new’ car, which to the untrained eye looks exactly like our old car. It’s just a newer model, and we took it and got after market leather upholstery done, which makes it nicer.

It feels better that way, and some days I actually forget the whole thing happened, which is kinda nice.

On the plus side, my brother is now famous, he’s the one with the white curly hair and the suit jacket. Totally not his own clothing, I might add, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wear anything like that at all :-).

On the minus side, my aunt and uncle‘s house got badly damaged in a bushfire, and their bed and breakfast studios burnt to the ground. My uncle also lost his shed with all his surfboards and anything he’s made, ever.

On the plus side, the crazy busy work period is over. Yay

So I’ll be trying to post more often.


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