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While women are are usually described as ‘earthy’, men tend to be a lot more natural about a lot of things. Like bodily functions.

Dogs also dig the whole bodily function thing, fart near a dog and it’ll have it’s nose up your crack-hole before you can say ‘goddamnit’.

A dog with a hot date will find the nearest dead thing and roll itself in it, the more rancid the better.

There’s one reason above all others why I believe men like to own big dogs. They never have to own their own farts again. The dog will even come and sit closer, in order to enjoy the aroma with the originator.

Men, when around women (and especially wimmin, who are the more intolerant of the species) will take advantage of the habit dogs have of dropping stealth stenches to disclaim any involvement with their own flatulence (or eructation, visible evidence of said burp being beside the point).

Not me, musta been the dog.

Around other blokes however, the fart is a thing of wonder. Loud and proud, the stenchier the better.

They both enjoy really bad smells.