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I rarely get the chance to wake up naturally.
You know, when I actually want to wake up.
There’s two reasons for this.
Either I have to wake up early to start work, or, on the very rare times when I don’t have something due before 9am, I get woken up by The Mog.

my cat only likes new dry food.

The Mog enjoys waking me up, causing pain is one of the things Mogs do best, along with guilt. If you can cause pain and guilt in the one 6am yowl, it’s just the best of both worlds.
She is a very talkative kind of cat, with many different noises for different things. There’s one that she saves for "Open the door, I gotta crap" … this one obviously gets the fastest response of all the noises.

So every now and then she does the impending doom i-need-to-crap yowl at about 5 to 6am… and I spring up, run down stairs, to be confronted with her casually looking at her food bowl.

Mog: nah it’s ok, i went yesterday, oh hey, you’re awake, and you know, in the area, how about some food? While you’re here and everything.
Me: *yawn*

At this point I get sucked in by the adorableness, and look at the bowl. It’s full of damn food that’s apparently ‘too small’ to eat. Once she’s had a nibble, it’s boring. Apparently dry food becomes even less appealing the day after it’s poured in the bowl.

Mog: Oh, and since you’re up now, how about we play a game… what, you’re back to bed? what’s a cat got to do for some attention?
Me: *yawn*

I’ve always read that you should write about what you know. That unfortunately has left me with obscure trivia, stuff in other peoples books, a lot of stuff i hate, my cat, and my fiance. The Mog is just an easy target. No matter what I start to write about, it’ll end up back to her…

What, if anything, derails your train of thought?