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it lives...

I looked out the door yesterday into my overgrown jungle of a back yard (it may actually be two square yards, but I’m not positive), and I noticed that my clematis which I had given up for dead quite some time ago was actually putting out fresh leaves again. This poor clematis, it’s like the plant version of Lazarus, it keeps dying of some kind of plant leprosy and coming back from the dead.
It made me feel a little better, partially because it’s a pretty plant, and I didn’t want to have killed it (again), but also because it’s a sign of spring coming.

I need some spring in my life, the non work bits of life are pretty good, but lately, the work bits are taking over everything.

Speaking of which, I had better get back to work again. I am really hoping that by the end of today I will have completed my (ugh) data entry, and hopefully have done a sizeable bit more of my product database program.

I never ever ever (ever) thought I’d be writing software to run on Windows, let alone be doing it for a living, but it’s actually <shameful look> kind of fun. My old open source and anti-Microsoft bigotry is dying a quiet whimpering death.