I particularly hate Mondays when everything conspires to make me look like a total tool.

This Monday sucked more than most Mondays do. We have project meetings on Monday, and with just around a month to go before go-live, I’m over it.

I hate it when other people’s SQL makes my database look flawed.

I hate doing data entry. I’m a fucking programmer, not a data entry person. Not that I look down on them, that job sucks ass and its brain numbingly hard — but every day I’m doing this is a day that I’m not working on my program, and once again, just under a month before go-live.

I hate it when I’ve been sitting down for so fucking long my hip joint gets so badly fucked I can barely move, and when going to the bathroom becomes an event of agony because of said hip.

I hate it when it’s that time of the month, for just so very many reasons.

I hate knowing I’m going to have to go to some kind of internal piping doctor to make sure that it’s not just my hip joint making my right side hurt every month (and get worse each month).

I hate feeling lost in all this work. I’m not a hard worker by nature, I’m lazy. I like sleep, and bed. I love using my mind, but hard work is just fucked. I’m just not one of those people who enjoy trying hard at shit. If you ask me, you figure out the best way to do it with the least bullshit effort, and you do it that way. That’s smart.

I hate that I now have words in my head that don’t fucking belong there. Algorithms go there. Not ‘going forward’ or other management toolhead expressions.

I’m going to order pizza, and watch old episodes of Will & Grace, who I’m only watching because I like Karen.