For a period of about twelve years, perhaps longer, I had a long running dream which changed a little each time. It started out with imagines of interstellar ships, deep in space, all I could see was the underneath of the ships. They were massive, and dark grey against the black nothing of space, and unlike on tv or movies, they were silent. No engine running noises, no swoosh, nothing, just these silent dark ships moving slowly.

Each time I had that dream, it would feel more intense, as if they were … closer? Over some time, years, the ships got closer, until eventually I had a surreal landing sequence dream, where the aliens (which I never actually saw) took over the planet.

They did it by stealth, they would shoot transparent filaments into people, and the person would become one of their fans? supporters? minions? These minions would be the only voice of the aliens, and their job was to present the aliens as a kind of experienced enlightened race who wanted to bring the planet into a kind of utopia.

I had another dream, post landing, where I was one of the underground humans who didn’t believe in the alien message, and we kept being infiltrated by minion-humans, who all had a scar on their bodies somewhere from the site of the filament attaching itself, most on the foot.

The resistance humans didn’t have much luck as it turned out, since the next dream I had was of the fate of the surrendered humans. They were being held in what can only be described as feed lots. Dark disgusting buildings, with humans who had lived their whole lives in these colonies. In this dream I was trying to help someone trapped inside to escape. The overlords had surrounded the compound with electrical fences, and were using their minion-humans as an alarm system of sorts. There was some kind of hybrid attack dog/pig beast thing that patrolled the grounds.

All I remember is the certainty that if I didn’t escape, I was going to die.

The last thing I remember of it is being chased by the pig dog beast thing, but I woke up before I managed to escape and I never dreamt about it again, so I guess I didn’t make it.

(this post is for Luda and Taz who thought I was talking about Alien Keys last time)