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a row of beach boxes at the local beach

I took this photo this morning, on the way to the office. I’m still learning my digital camera, and I keep trying to make it do the same kinds of things my Real Camera (a Nikon manual camera almost as old as I am — an MR2). There are beach boxes like this all over the peninsula I live in, on the sheltered bay side of it anyway. They’re like I imagine the ones in England to be, and for most of the year, the bay looks much like I imagine beaches in England to as well.

and his beak can hold more than his belly can

This shot was taken in the swampy wetlands (you know the kind, they’re impossible to build in because they’re swamps, so councils call them wetlands to get environmentally friendly points) just outside our office, the four fat pelicans had just landed in there, I don’t think they live there, it’s just not big enough to sustain them. Unfortunately it was at maximum optical zoom, and my hands wouldn’t stop moving the camera as I breathed… so it’s focusing on the greenery behind the pelicans, instead of actually on them. Live and learn, stupid auto-focus (and stupid moving targets).