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number 6? bing, you broken

It’s really simple.

My site shows up in the top 10 results for ‘why women like cats’.

At number 6.

I’d been wondering how on earth I actually was getting people coming here to read about why women like cats, when I hadn’t actually written anything about it at all. So I thought, as I don’t actually use bing (does anybody?) that I’d check just how many pages you’d have to go through to get to mine, because I figured that people must be that keen on women and the mystery of them liking cats that they’d have gone through the 5 or so pages of links I’d estimated they’d have to, before they came to mine.

But no, there it is, right there in the top 10.

Out of all the umpty bazillion pages there are on the web, if mine is ranked at 6 on Bing, it’s because Bing is broken. It really is that simple.