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I’m trying to post at least something every day, as it seems to be helping keep the crazy away.

We were apparently supposed to go on our day trip yesterday, but it turned in to another day setting stuff up at the new office. Which then turned in to training day at the new office for some of the nerds.

We walk in to the office, and one of the nerds turns to us and says “What’s with the fake flowers?”.

Goddamn iggnerant nerds, they were real fucking flowers, orchids and leaves from all sorts of plants, some of which I can even name, with an itty bitty baby pineapple in there as well. They even smelled like real flowers, and for fuckssake, had to be watered like real flowers. I got stabby.

Luckily, in between setting up said office, and nerd-training, we went for a little drive and a bit of a walk around the weird back beaches of the peninsula. This is what helps me not stab people, because most of the time, if the people around me enter into my head, it’s to piss me off majorly.

So here’s a pretty to help stop you stabbing people too.

looking towards Cape Schank