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Yesterday was our day trip. When we left, the sun was shining, it was warm, I was pre-prepared with an energy drink, the cameras were primed.

I knew it was going to be a good day because we weren’t even out of the peninsula when someone called the fiance about work… and I saw ‘Schumann* and Sons, Celery Specialists’ on the side of a truck. Before I could stop my brain exploding about just how much specialist knowledge you could have in the undoubtably fascinating area of Celery, I saw a shop selling water tanks. They, in a fit of genius, had called themselves Tanks Alot. This is still under half an hour from home, and we had about two hours to go…

Then we drove past a sign to ‘Poowong’… and then ‘Kongwak’. Why you’d advertise either of those villages is beyond me, who the hell would tell you “Oh, yeah, turn left at the sign to Poowong, I’m the third house on the right up the hill”, you’d be describing your place as ‘Far Outer South <nearby town>’ in preference to having to say Poo all the time… unless you’re 3, then it’s probably the greatest place to live in.

The scenery is lovely, there are little cafes springing up, and artists retreats… and someone has taken the time to lovingly add an ‘F’ in red electricians tape to one of the signs coming up. Apparently this village now has a Fart Gallery (in a rare show of dedication, the guy/kid had also done the sign on the other approach to town as well).

So after what feels like years of driving, we come to our destination, Wilson’s Promontory. It’s a National Park, and as we drive through the entry, the lady mentions it’s basically closed, due to flood damage and current flooding… it’s normally a very beautiful wild place, and it’s the furthest south part of mainland Australia.

the peaks of Wilson's Promontary across the tidal plains

The entry to the park is about 16km away from the actual Promontary itself, and the river that is currently flooding, so we can drive in and have a look at the parklands on the way, and there’s some walking tracks and such off to the (I stopped paying attention at this stage) somewhere or other.

So we keep driving, and before we’ve gone even 1km, a wedgetail eagle flies out from the brush on the side of the road, and up in to the scrub on the other side, this makes the second Official Australian Animal I’ve seen during this trip, the first was an echidna earlier on in the trip that scarpered across the road in front of us.

We’ve barely gone another km down the road, and the fiance turns the car around, and tells me he’s seen a wombat (which I definitely missed).  So, we drive back and he’s right beside the road, and thinking that they move slowly (ha!) instead of trying to take a photo from the car, I jump out…

The little buggers run fast ... (taken with my phone)

Those guys run, and hop, and bounce a hell of a lot faster than a lazyarse me does, so I basically got this photo of him running away from me. They’re so cute, and if I hadn’t had this guy trumped by the next cuteness I saw, I’d want to have a wombat living with us.

So now I’ve seen an Echidna, a Wedge-Tail Eagle, a Wombat… and just around the corner we see this little baby ‘roo sitting by the road, looking adorably confused and bewildered by everything.

little baby roo beside the road

This little guy was sitting on the shoulder of the road, and he’s so tiny and so close that the stupid ‘landscape’ setting on my camera thought I was taking photos of the greenery behind him… but I want a baby roo (unfortunately, they turn into giant roos pretty quickly though).

Just when I thought I’d seen all the Official Australian Animals that I could in one trip, there was this guy.

this one is a wallaby, not a 'roo.

At this point I’d had all the cute I could cope with, so that rounds out my collection of fuzzy-butt photos.

We thought about going for a walk, but it started to rain and get all howly with the wind, and being naturally lazy anyway, that was about the end of the Promontary part of the trip.

The peaks of the Promontary, with the rain coming over

* Name changed to protect the… ah what the hell, I was just too disinterested to remember it.