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small, because really, it gets longer by the minute, the more shit I see.

  • work clothes – everyone should wear at least one uncomfortable thing in their work outfit, to make up for the fact that it’s all fucking uncomfortable for me.
  • drive through diet food — why doesn’t anyone do this, seriously, I can’t be the only lazy person who wants to shed weight but not actually exercise? I mean, there is an internet…
  • parenting certificates (and not just handed out by the local tafe/community college, or available on football scholarships).
  • pet licenses that involve an actual test, not just a fee
  • computer mice that work for more than 5 minutes
  • give education to those who actually want it, and let the rest go to trade school, or the army or whatever their idiot heads want
  • make politicians who decide on wars actually lead their armies in the fucking field instead of from behind excel spreadsheets somewhere.
  • if all you do is take shit from one spread sheet and put it in another spread sheet, you get another job
  • all management jobs put up for review, and if all you have is good hair, buh-bye time.
  • anyone who mentions trickle down economics gets an example of ‘trick down economics’ from the people who get pissed on by it.