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So, we’re driving to lunch on Tuesday, when I see the dumbest thing (for that day).

There’s a big fat arse black SUV in front of us, with some idiot smoking inside it.

First, I notice the license plate, and having a bit of an issue with personalised license plates anyway, I read it with sick fascination.


I’m wondering what the flying fuck a ‘great wol’ would be, and then I realise the stupid dickwad has done what seems to be the first option when getting a personalised plate. Making it all about the car, and putting the model or brand or whatever, of the car on it. It’s a Great Wall SUV… which is from China.

I start sniggering at the retard, when next to me, the fiance starts sniggering, and I mention how dumb the plate is, and he points out how much better it gets.

Up on the back window are two Australian flags. On a Chinese branded car, with a license plate that advertises one of the most famous icons of China (Tiananmen Square wouldn’t fit in 6 characters).

The real kicker though, is that those ‘Australian’ flags the patriot has on the back window… they’re made in China too.