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I actually made it to 8:00am this morning instead of 7:00am. I feel like The Real Me has triumphed over this weird worker-me that I’ve become, I mean I even cleaned up (voluntarily) the packaging from the fish and chips that the fiance and I got last night for dinner and put it in the bin. I just don’t do this kind of stuff.

I have this sinking feeling that I’m actually growing up, and I don’t like it. It didn’t happen to me as I turned 30, why should the rush headlong towards 40 make me grow up…

Last week wasn’t very productive, the first half of the week I did some installs of the program that (ha! the program, I’m writing two of the damn things, which is part of why I feel like I’m going to end up insane) I’ve been writing for the last 6 months or so. The guy I installed it for was soooooooo painful to deal with, his pc was ancient, and he couldn’t understand me, and I couldn’t understand him. I’m used to people not understanding software, or PCs, but I’m not used to them not understanding their own stores. That’s just wrong. I’ve been in pretty much an allergic reaction to stupid since then.

Which has been mirrored in my real allergies. Some stupid fucking flowering something or other has decided to explode into an orgy of pollen wafting, and I’m sneezing like a bitch. My head bounces back and forth, and my lower back spasms each time I sneeze, and I feel like one of those moronic bobble-head dolls.

We went for a walk (wow, I actually can’t remember when) along the marina at Martha Cove the other day, I really like that place. I wouldn’t like it if it was all full, but they ran out of money part way through the development, so as it’s aged, all the tall narrow townhouses that have been built look like some of the adobe buildings I’ve seen on TV. The clay around them is all washed out by the rain we’ve had recently, there’s been nothing growing because it’s just clay, and all the houses are all in shades of brown, built like boxes with tiny holes for windows in them. I love the place because of the ghost town feeling it has.

Maybe we’ll go back for another walk later this week, this next month will be the hardest work I’ve ever had to do, and I hope to all the gods that I get through it without any more break downs.