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I’m sure there’s some very clever writers out there still, who travel to places the rest of us haven’t, and write about things honestly and without bias. They’re probably getting older and crankier by the second with what they see the current batch of ‘Journalists’ doing though.

I’m reading an article about some bunch of naked guys in San Francisco being asked to wrap their butts before sitting down in public. Which is quite frankly reasonable, also for them, they could catch god knows what from seats also… but the issue I have is that the politician in question has the name Scott Wiener. Wiener. In a story about men’s dangly bits, we have the protagonist having a surname which is a synonym of penis (and ‘person from Vienna’, but they’re not all dicks are they?).

I have this bad feeling that once again, The Age has fallen victim to a disease it suffers from quite often… poor attention span in relation to it’s journalists ‘research’ skills. They will cut and paste from just about anywhere, just in case the text happens to be ‘news’… and it seems to go live without anyone even verifying the truth of the article.

And if not, what on earth makes a guy who has a surname like that open his mouth about naked dudes?

Aside from this article, apparently it’s ‘news’ to regurgitate twitter discusssion, as if @randomtwat and @someguyinhisbasement are authorities on anything other than toejam and dickcheese.

It’s like one of the other recent phases Australian news media went through of asking sports people about current affairs. Asking a boxer, who gets hit in the head for a living about his opinion on our foreign policy is akin to asking a chimpanzee about the American debt ceiling… give the poor guy a banana and leave him the fuck alone.

I understand the news cycle is short, and we need a constant stream of things to click on to generate ad payments, but here’s the thing… if you post crap, and you’re found out then you look like tools. You lose credibility, and we might as well be reading ninemsn (insert regional version of ‘Aliens Impregnated My Uncle’ style website/newspaper).