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Gaspar, the unfriendly ghost -- shiessegeist.

I’m sure we’ve all had it happen to us before. Unsuspectingly opening the toilet/bathroom door only to be confronted with a haunting reminder of the previous user of the facilities. Apparently there’s a word for it, and it would take germans to think of it. It’s shiessegeist (and yes, apparently some people do think it means the ‘phantom shitter’, but it really refers to a spirit or ghost of a turd…).

It started out the week for me as a curiousity, as the fiance explained the existence of the word (don’t ask me why, he finds the word ‘shiesse’ hugely entertaining)… then we had a work acquaintance come over to our offices ‘to discuss opportunities’…

Some time later, (and yes, the danger music would be playing at this stage) I go into the men’s toilets to see if they had spare toilet paper in there. There he was. Casper’s less popular cousin — Gaspar the unfriendly ghost. I don’t know what you’d have to eat to make that kind of smell linger 3 hours after you leave somewhere … but seriously, no one should do that in a toilet I have to go near.