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Just fucking don’t.

Because of you, our car is probably going to be written off. Because of you, the car we love has been sliced open like a sardine can, and some other poor bastard has lost his car as well. Because of you, my shoulder and arm still fucking hurt like the shoulder joint is on fire. Because of you, I’m even more scared of learning to drive.

Because of you, there’s a stretch of road we have to go through multiple times every day that I get twitchy going through.

Worst, you get away without a single slap on the wrist, because you left before the police could get there, and noone will say anything because YOUR drinking means EVERYONE’s insurance wouldn’t be paid. You won’t even be done for dangerous driving, even though you totalled three cars, and had to drive your own badly damaged car home. You’ll just pay a little bit more when you insure your next car, and get to buy a new Honda shitbox to replace your current one.

A giant fuck you to you, and I hope the gods have something special in mind for you.

You ‘blacked out and dont know what happened’, and drove into the arse end of our car, tore the back right hand corner off, made both right hand side doors so badly out of alignment they have to be kicked open and closed, and god only knows what other damage happened to the car when you drove into us.

There were no fucking brake marks, you just swerved at the last minute, then drove into some other poor bastard on the other side of the road too, you dodgy old drunk fuck. I seriously hope the universe makes you pay, because you deserve what you get.