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Because ‘carsick’ doesnt quite work.

So we heard yesterday afternoon that it’s quite likely a write off. Which is sad, because this car has been with us for the last 4 or so years, it was a station wagon, so we had a mattress in the back for the all too common late nights working. It was like a home away from home, it was actually really comfy to sleep in.

And now it’s gone, and there’s only 10 of the same car in the whole state — and in the genius of modern car models, they’ve managed to make new station wagons smaller, so a single person might be able to sleep in it, without moving much. Two people who sleep restlessly? Unlikely.

So I’m sad.

But it does turn out that it’s only if you claim against the other driver that drunk driving breaks insurance. If you claim against your insurance, they’ll still pay and he’ll get done for drink driving (and in this case, if he hadnt driven off, he would probably lost his license for writing off three cars, dangerous driving, drunk driving, etc) — but the other driver who also got his car written off didn’t have comprehensive insurance, just 3rd party — so it’s in his best interest to lie about whether or not the at fault driver was drunk. If he was drunk, driver 3 loses the insurance payout. We still keep ours, because we were properly insured.

I hope the old bloke gets hemorrhoids. In fact, I think there should be a hemorrhoid fairy (I think I’ll call him Bruce) that visits all douche bags at night and gives them wind chimes. If you’re going to go through life as a giant arsehole — you shouldbe accessorised with a nice case of hemorrhoids.