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I still feel like the drunken moron who slammed into our car has taken something away from our lives that is really hard to replace.

Yeah, it was just a car, but the whole incident has represented more. For the fiance, while not a car kind of guy, the car represented freedom, and travelling, and something that was all his, not owned by a finance company or anything, but all his.

For me, it’s the shock that someone can come out of nowhere and destroy something of ours. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, yourself, other people can have that much of an impact … I’m just so grateful that we’ve been working so hard, and have the money to replace our car — not that long ago, losing that car (and insurance will not pay enough to replace the car, just about 70% of one, depending on how old a car we want) would have been a disaster. Part of the deposit for our land is going to have to go into the new car, and I’m still so angry that this has been caused by just some random drunk guy.

Who won’t even pay for anything, who’s life won’t even change measurably, the piece of shit car he drove is easily replaceable, they’re two a penny around here, and under $10k second hand. Even new they’re only about $14k.

I’m still remembering stuff that we couldn’t get out of the car before they took it, cds and stuff, things that might have been under the seats, or whereever. We didn’t even get to see it again after the tow truck guy drove off with it.

We sat in a same make/model but newer version of the car, and it felt kind of like ‘home’, but one that someone had been living in and had moved everything around while you were gone… familiar, but alien at the same time.

I’m actually mourning the car, and I don’t even really care about cars… so I guess I’m mourning part of our lifestyle that I’m worried we won’t be able to get back. We used to lay the back down, and turn the back of the wagon into a big double bed, and park near the beach and listen to the waves slapping against the shore and watch the moon above the water… and sometimes just fall asleep there listening to the rhythm of the waves, or the wind through the trees. Modern cars don’t have the same space in the back, so we’re probably going to lose that … and it really sucks.