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Another one, just like the other one

So, forgive me for worrying you, for not posting much after the accident, but it all just sucked so hard.

However, we now have a ‘new’ car, which to the untrained eye looks exactly like our old car. It’s just a newer model, and we took it and got after market leather upholstery done, which makes it nicer.

It feels better that way, and some days I actually forget the whole thing happened, which is kinda nice.

On the plus side, my brother is now famous, he’s the one with the white curly hair and the suit jacket. Totally not his own clothing, I might add, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wear anything like that at all:-).

On the minus side, my aunt and uncle‘s house got badly damaged in a bushfire, and their bed and breakfast studios burnt to the ground. My uncle also lost his shed with all his surfboards and anything he’s made, ever.

On the plus side, the crazy busy work period is over. Yay

So I’ll be trying to post more often.

7 thoughts on “Another one, just like the other one

  1. Jeez, it never rains but it pours bad luck soup on you! Tell your super-hot brother to spend his supermodel millions on lots of sparkly stuff to make you ad the fam feel better!

  2. Not just famous but SUPER HOT. That’s awesome. Not so awesome about the aunt/uncle. Hope they had kick ass insurance.

    I’m glad you are back. Hope to read you more often. :)

    • He’s also single…:-)

      I think my aunt and uncle had reasonably good insurance, as it was their bed & breakfast, so I’m assuming they’d be required to be fully insured… I didn’t want to ask just in case they weren’t and it opened a wound:-/

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