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We set a date

So, we finally have a date, in sept next year.

And a venue – a bay cruise, so now I need help with flowers.

I don’t really like blue as a colour, except the deep greeny blue ocean colours, but I’m stumped as to flowers that would fit a boat/sea theme… Or maybe do I cheat and do red & white like the life saver things on old fashioned cruises?

I’m not really a pastel kinda gal anyway, but I was leaning towards calla lilies before…

Prepare for inane girlie wedding posts more often.

2 thoughts on “We set a date

  1. I like the red and white idea, especially if (like me) you take a good idea WAAAAAAAAAAY too far and force the ushers to dress up like old-timey sailors or Venetian gondoliers. It should totally look like “The Pirates of Penzance” up in there. Oh, and congrats on setting a date!

    • I’ve now (i think) changed my mind to maybe greens, some of those green orchids can be really nifty. but hey, i have ages to change my mind.
      well, that’s what i’ll tell myself until about 2 months to go, then i’ll realise it’s too late.

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