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The Dress — at least, I hope so

Britannia by Ian Stuart

So, this is the dress I want…

and the fiance, having hugely inflated ideas about how much expensive wedding dresses would cost, has said that if it’s under $10k, I can have it…

As far as I know, it’ll be around the $6k, which is what I hope it’ll be anyway.

8 thoughts on “The Dress — at least, I hope so

    • mmmm nachos
      mmmm cheese (except the yellow ‘cheese’ you guys have, that stuff looks like it comes from an alien).

      i doubt i could get that skinny if i tried, i could get close-ish, but it’s unlikely.

      i’m assuming i’ll be down to what i think is a US size 10 by then, if i’ve got my sizings right. if i really try hard i could get down to a size 8, but i haven’t been that skinny in about 15 years, maybe 18 years.
      mmm nachos.

    • I’m hoping to rely on the power of corsetry and starvation (more corsetry, I do love my food).

      I can make my waist look pretty small with a real corset, i just won’t be able to sit down comfortably:-)

      Then again, it’s 9 months away and I know I can lose the weight in that time, I just … well, love food, and hate exercise.

  1. Wow, fantastic dress. I think mine cost like $800 and I thought that was WAY expensive, so god love your clueless soon to be husband! :)

    Is it gonna be that but white, are are you going for color? Is it purple? It looks purple. It is beautiful.

    • The colour is called ‘rum and raisin’, so I’m assuming it’s a purple/brown kind of colour. It can come in white/ivory/honey but I like the idea of the non-white, as I’m a) a messy eater, b) really not that into white as a ‘colour’ anyway.

      I think this dress will ‘only’ be about $3k, but I don’t know.
      I’m half hoping it’ll be really expensive so I can put it out of my mind:-)

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