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The Dress pt 2

Maggie Sottero 'Victoriana'

Maggie Sottero 'Victoriana'

So, The Previous Dress was just far too freaking expensive, and this one is more realistic (for a ‘I wanna be a Princess’ kind of budget, anyway) option — I still feel like it’s too expensive, but now that I’ve seen what Ian Stuart dresses go for, this is suddenly much more affordable sounding!

Bridesmaids, option 1

Bridesmaids option 1, Henry Roth 70330

So that’s kind of what I want the bridesmaids to be wearing, except in a greenish colour (similiar to the colour of green orchids), with my sister as Matron of Honour in a dark fuschia kind of colour, or a dusky pink… maybe. Or just a different design and a darker green, with the flower girls in the pinkish colour.

Who knew I had so much girlie inside me?

3 thoughts on “The Dress pt 2

  1. I like the new dress — just make sure to keep your tata’s under control! And the bridesmaid’s dresses are actually ATTRACTIVE — don’t you know that’s against the rules?

    • See, the keeping of the boobage under control will be interesting… I hadnt thought about that.

      Bridal wear models always have no boobs, and they’re skinny beyond belief.

      I knew I’d be breaking some cosmic rules on the bridesmaid thing, but what can you do… They’ll beat me up if the dresses are ugly.

  2. Dress = gorgous. And there are ways to keep the girls under wraps. Just go to a knowledgable bra shop, show them the dress, and they will hook you up. My girls were so squooshed into my dress there was no way they were popping out. I had all sorts of corsetry going on up under there. Oh, in case you missed it, you WILL NOT be comfy on your wedding day. Sorry. Not in that kind of dress, anyway. But super pretty!

    Also, BM dresses are hot. Good job on unfrumping the dresses for your girls.

    Oh, and you are so girlie. Damn. :)

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