Today we decided to take some time to rest, although we still have another site to visit.

Walking along the King St side of Darling Harbour we came the meat district company; with a beautiful upstairs bar area with views of the harbour.

preserves at meat district co

preserves @ meat district co.

We both had burgers, and they were really good. The staff are really quite relaxed and decent about people who sit and draw; although we did keep ordering drinks.

I hadn’t done much in the way of sketching in the last couple of months, so B encouraged me to take my time and make something I felt good about. I spent a good hour or so on this, the actual image is 4×6 inches or so. I carry more art supplies than anything else with me, just in case there’s something (or more importantly, time) to draw.

In retrospect this is a sketch I would have liked to have finished off as a proper painting, but I didn’t take enough reference photos; and to be honest, I wasn’t really convinced at the time that I was even going to finish it, let alone like it.

the meat district company

the meat district company

When I sketch, lately I use mostly water-colour and copic multiliners which are the only things that work in this current journal.

Then we felt too lazy, and the drinks we got served were so pretty I did some sketches of those too. It seems that once I’ve removed the block that stops me from arting it feels so easy to keep going.

mojito in mason jar

mojito in mason jar

After a number of ‘refreshing’ beverages, we continued on our way up towards Barangaroo where we found a pop-up gin bar.

Neither of us like gin but it was really hot and our feet had gotten sore.



gin & it.

I swear, if it wasn’t for the interstate trips we do, neither of us would get any exercise. I go from barely 1200 steps during a week day to 10k steps or more a day when we travel.

You’d think this would inspire more walking at home but what can I say; the weather here is either too fucking dry hot to breathe or too fucking cold to step foot outside.


gin and … something

The additives in the gin drinks were so amazingly coloured I wished I’d been able to capture them in a painting, so I took many many photos of them.

I did attempt it but ended up sticking things over the top of the page as I just couldn’t capture the intensity of the colours with watercolour.


gin and … something orange

There was a ‘living wall’ near the pop-up bar, with tropical plants (mostly ferns) in beige cylinders so I decided to do a black & white sketch of the plants.

I’ve always loved the ‘botanical’ style images that the naturalists did while exploring Australia, as well as the semi-modern versions of these.

This is one of the sketches I’m contemplating turning into something bigger.