recently we went to brisbane, for work – and as the site we were visiting was in fortitude valley, and the lazy was strong in us, we went walking around looking for somewhere nice to sit down and eat. i had remembered seeing an alleyway in one of the earlier trips. it had been a little empty last trip (which i now know is because it is a recent re-development) however this time it was beautiful and cheery sounding, and quite frankly i could have spent nearly all day there.

Although b mostly drank lunch, i had a lovely beetroot construction, with really tasty beetroot aoeli, and poppyseed encrusted dates; so pretty.

b is not fond of food that is more art than ‘filling’, as when he gets hungry he could eat like a labrador so we rarely go to places with food this delicately plated (i’m only barely more adventurous, i just like beautiful looking things).

beetroot and poppyseed date - the apo

beetroot pretty – the apo

this was at the apo – quite a well renowned restaurant – although to us it just looked like the only place that served alcohol. i didn’t realise at the time, but our ‘waiter’ was actually the chef. the service was great, they even went to a nearby cafe to get me a latte (they don’t serve coffee) which i thought was really cool.

while b was drinking lunch, i sketched the wall opposite us. the colour of the beetroot matched the colour of the bougainvillea so well that i actually used it to paint the petals. note to self, beetroot juice, while it stains your fingers is not really a great watercolour.

beetroot bougainvillia

beetroot bougainvillia@the apo – fortitude valley

the sketch is mostly 0.05 pen with watercolour (and beetroot!) – as are most of my sketches. it took about an hour, i think.

it’s the first piece i’ve done for a long while; at least partly because the quality of the paper in that book doesn’t hold fountain pen ink at all due to feathering.