Another one, just like the other one


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So, forgive me for worrying you, for not posting much after the accident, but it all just sucked so hard.

However, we now have a ‘new’ car, which to the untrained eye looks exactly like our old car. It’s just a newer model, and we took it and got after market leather upholstery done, which makes it nicer.

It feels better that way, and some days I actually forget the whole thing happened, which is kinda nice.

On the plus side, my brother is now famous, he’s the one with the white curly hair and the suit jacket. Totally not his own clothing, I might add, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wear anything like that at all :-).

On the minus side, my aunt and uncle‘s house got badly damaged in a bushfire, and their bed and breakfast studios burnt to the ground. My uncle also lost his shed with all his surfboards and anything he’s made, ever.

On the plus side, the crazy busy work period is over. Yay

So I’ll be trying to post more often.

it just seems a bit too hard


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I still feel like the drunken moron who slammed into our car has taken something away from our lives that is really hard to replace.

Yeah, it was just a car, but the whole incident has represented more. For the fiance, while not a car kind of guy, the car represented freedom, and travelling, and something that was all his, not owned by a finance company or anything, but all his.

For me, it’s the shock that someone can come out of nowhere and destroy something of ours. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, yourself, other people can have that much of an impact … I’m just so grateful that we’ve been working so hard, and have the money to replace our car — not that long ago, losing that car (and insurance will not pay enough to replace the car, just about 70% of one, depending on how old a car we want) would have been a disaster. Part of the deposit for our land is going to have to go into the new car, and I’m still so angry that this has been caused by just some random drunk guy.

Who won’t even pay for anything, who’s life won’t even change measurably, the piece of shit car he drove is easily replaceable, they’re two a penny around here, and under $10k second hand. Even new they’re only about $14k.

I’m still remembering stuff that we couldn’t get out of the car before they took it, cds and stuff, things that might have been under the seats, or whereever. We didn’t even get to see it again after the tow truck guy drove off with it.

We sat in a same make/model but newer version of the car, and it felt kind of like ‘home’, but one that someone had been living in and had moved everything around while you were gone… familiar, but alien at the same time.

I’m actually mourning the car, and I don’t even really care about cars… so I guess I’m mourning part of our lifestyle that I’m worried we won’t be able to get back. We used to lay the back down, and turn the back of the wagon into a big double bed, and park near the beach and listen to the waves slapping against the shore and watch the moon above the water… and sometimes just fall asleep there listening to the rhythm of the waves, or the wind through the trees. Modern cars don’t have the same space in the back, so we’re probably going to lose that … and it really sucks.


I’m homesick, for a car.


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Because ‘carsick’ doesnt quite work.

So we heard yesterday afternoon that it’s quite likely a write off. Which is sad, because this car has been with us for the last 4 or so years, it was a station wagon, so we had a mattress in the back for the all too common late nights working. It was like a home away from home, it was actually really comfy to sleep in.

And now it’s gone, and there’s only 10 of the same car in the whole state — and in the genius of modern car models, they’ve managed to make new station wagons smaller, so a single person might be able to sleep in it, without moving much. Two people who sleep restlessly? Unlikely.

So I’m sad.

But it does turn out that it’s only if you claim against the other driver that drunk driving breaks insurance. If you claim against your insurance, they’ll still pay and he’ll get done for drink driving (and in this case, if he hadnt driven off, he would probably lost his license for writing off three cars, dangerous driving, drunk driving, etc) — but the other driver who also got his car written off didn’t have comprehensive insurance, just 3rd party — so it’s in his best interest to lie about whether or not the at fault driver was drunk. If he was drunk, driver 3 loses the insurance payout. We still keep ours, because we were properly insured.

I hope the old bloke gets hemorrhoids. In fact, I think there should be a hemorrhoid fairy (I think I’ll call him Bruce) that visits all douche bags at night and gives them wind chimes. If you’re going to go through life as a giant arsehole — you shouldbe accessorised with a nice case of hemorrhoids.


Dear Drunk Driving Old People


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Just fucking don’t.

Because of you, our car is probably going to be written off. Because of you, the car we love has been sliced open like a sardine can, and some other poor bastard has lost his car as well. Because of you, my shoulder and arm still fucking hurt like the shoulder joint is on fire. Because of you, I’m even more scared of learning to drive.

Because of you, there’s a stretch of road we have to go through multiple times every day that I get twitchy going through.

Worst, you get away without a single slap on the wrist, because you left before the police could get there, and noone will say anything because YOUR drinking means EVERYONE’s insurance wouldn’t be paid. You won’t even be done for dangerous driving, even though you totalled three cars, and had to drive your own badly damaged car home. You’ll just pay a little bit more when you insure your next car, and get to buy a new Honda shitbox to replace your current one.

A giant fuck you to you, and I hope the gods have something special in mind for you.

You ‘blacked out and dont know what happened’, and drove into the arse end of our car, tore the back right hand corner off, made both right hand side doors so badly out of alignment they have to be kicked open and closed, and god only knows what other damage happened to the car when you drove into us.

There were no fucking brake marks, you just swerved at the last minute, then drove into some other poor bastard on the other side of the road too, you dodgy old drunk fuck. I seriously hope the universe makes you pay, because you deserve what you get.


So I’m practising my acceptance speech


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Because I’m pretty sure I’m going to win a Nobel prize, as soon as they figure out what category it should be in.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before, but it’s revolutionised my cat hair issues.

Why keep using the lint roller on your clothes when the hair is coming from the cat?

So I lint rolled the cat.

She actually enjoyed it and thought it was fun play time, so it’s all good.