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It’s not that I’m dead, honest, it’s that this project for work is driving me bat shit crazy with all the typing and programming and designing…

I’m inherently lazy, and I’m not built for all this work, it just isn’t me.

Me is …

  • sleeping in
  • staying up late
  • playing games
  • reading everything under the sun
  • not ironing clothes, especially not t-shirts
  • more than 4 hours sleep a night


  • ironing clothes just for a damn meeting
  • damn meetings
  • project status reports
  • even HAVING a project, let alone a status report of one
  • working more than I sleep
  • feeling responsible for shit
  • being responsible
  • using an alarm clock

Fuck this, I didn’t sign on to this adult growing up bullshit. I like being irresponsible and actually enjoying life.