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So, let me preface this by saying I haven’t been to this part of Darling Harbour since it had the Virgin Music store. I think it was 1988, actually it must have been, because I also went to see VAST for my birthday and First State ’88 was on.

I’ve been back a couple of times, but mostly only in the Chinese Gardens. This time however, after a success staying in an apartment in South Brisbane, and cooking for ourselves; I thought we’d try staying in the Oaks Goldsborough, apparently a historic building.

If you ever get swayed by the prices, or the images on a web search and think you might want to stay there – do yourself a favour.


It was so bad we left after one tense and miserable night; walking to the room was like walking through accomodation for a prisoner release program. I didn’t even want to spend that night there, to be honest.

I kept quiet for a while, and desperately started looking for somewhere to stay for the next few nights.

Then we got hungry.

Sydney, from Darling Harbour at night

Sydney, from Darling Harbour at night

Going for a walk to find food, we went through Darling Harbour – and the bits that weren’t under construction were empty. It was only a Thursday at 10pm, and it felt like a few days after the zombie apocalypse hit.

So, our first night in Sydney, we had McDonalds; the only thing open in the foodcourt.

The next morning, we moved to the other side of the harbour.